Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims Lawyer

Louisiana residents are skilled at battening down the hatches when hurricanes are headed our way, and we work together to clear the damage once they have passed. Some of the biggest challenges are presented by insurance providers that do not live up to their obligations to properly compensate policyholders.

At the office of Grady J. Flattmann Attorneys at Law LLC, we advocate for hurricane victims who are struggling to get fair and full compensation from an insurance provider following a hurricane.

We work with residents throughout Louisiana, including St. Tammany Parish, Washington Parish, and communities across the Northshore from our office in Covington. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We will come to your house and provide a candid assessment of your case.

Insurance companies profess to be invested in the local community, and many of the local insurance agents who live here truly are committed to doing as much as possible for their clients. But when disasters strike, the decision-making power often gets taken out of the hands of local agents. Adjusters are brought in from out of state and their marching orders are to help the company protect its profits by undervaluing or denying legitimate claims. The difference can amount to thousands of dollars!

We Battle The Big Insurance Companies

If your property insurance provider denies a legitimate claim or attempts to muscle you into accepting less than you deserve, we can help. We will obtain an independent estimate of the damage and help you document your losses. Preparing proper documentation of the total value of assets and the cost of repairs is the most effective means to receiving fair compensation.

If the facts are in your favor, we will inform your insurance provider that it is acting in bad faith and that we are prepared to go to court to obtain proper compensation. Often, the notice that you are prepared to litigate is all it takes to get an insurance provider to reach an agreement on a more appropriate settlement. If the insurance company continues to hold out, we are prepared to fight for your rights in court. When an insurance provider knows you are working with a lawyer who will litigate if necessary, it allows us to negotiate from a position of strength.

Contact Us As Soon As You Sense A Problem

In order to help you pursue your property damage claim to the fullest, it is critical that we get involved as soon as you sense that your insurance provider is not treating you fairly. Our services do not cost you a dime upfront. In fact, we only get paid if we obtain a recovery for you that is above what the insurance company originally offered. We will review your claim and provide you with honest advice concerning the strength of your case.

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